A warm welcome, a safe confidential space to explore any issues you choose. A contractual agreement between counsellor and client. A regular time slot and consistency with appointments.


I work from a person-centered perspective whilst drawing on aspects of humanistic theory. I also use other therapeutic tools and models of counselling dependent on the client needs.


I believe that one of the most important things to consider before undertaking therapy is to find the right person to work with. The relationship with your therapist is paramount to the journey that you are about to undertake. How I work is very much about you as an individual, your uniqueness and your strengths. I value each person I work with and appreciate them for who they are in that moment.  I follow the ethical guidelines and practice of the BACP ensuring the client feels safe, confidentiality is maintained, the client feels respected, valued, the relationship is authentic, and that my approach is non -judgmental.


A lot of people struggle within their relationships. One of the main issues for these struggles can be how we communicate.

I work with couples as individuals exploring their needs/wants and expectations of each other. Supporting each individual with their understanding/ awareness of the relationship as well as the issues that arise.  Encouraging healthy communication, compassion,  understanding and ensuring safe effective boundaries are in place while we work together.


Having facilitated many family conferences over the years. The theme is often about communication and breaking patterns of behavior. We learn from our experiences and often repeat the behaviors of our parents good or bad. This can lead to many complex issues within the family. We are often not aware of the impact that our family dynamic has had on our lives, due to our experiences being our norm. Family work is not about one person it is about everyone. Once we build our awareness of certain destructive patterns and we are willing/ open to make changes it is surprising how quickly things do /can change. 

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