"Thanks to my work with Susan, I'm developing an innate sense of self-worth that was always missing in my life. My self-esteem is now becoming independent of external factors, and as a result I am developing better relationships and have found the confidence to work towards career goals I previously didn't believe myself capable of. I feel more equipped to make positive changes in my life, and while things are still difficult sometimes I am far better equipped to cope in these times. I always trusted Susan was listening to and understanding me, and she helped me articulate my thoughts in feelings in ways other counsellors never have. I have gained so much insight into myself and made progress with underlying issues to a level I never believed possible, and am very grateful for Susan's support and patience." Jamie ( April 2022)

Swamped in a haze of sadness and misery for some time, I came to breaking point. Overwhelmed and in need of help, a friend recommended I reach out to Susan.

We first met via zoom, and Susan immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. I felt heard. 

Susan’s approach was considered, conscientious, and always compassionate. Managing my journey through a difficult time never felt rushed. Susan has helped me understand my feelings with sensitivity and kindness. Helping me build self-esteem and self- worth, also helping me build a tool set to navigate and manage the future lows.

I now look forward with gained confidence and optimism 

Nick (March 2022)


I went to see Susan primarily to help manage anxieties associated with work pressures. However, many other topics came up that were helpful to talk through. Susan helped to explore these behaviours in many ways, allowing insight into the root causes as well as how to deal with them in the present. Susan's approach is open, non-judgmental, and flexible. Susan is a big advocate of self-care and provides a proactive and supportive space to make steps towards achieving this. I recommend Susan highly for people needing extra support and insight into their long-standing behaviours. Questioning your 'norms' can be incredibly insightful and helpful.

Stephanie (March 2022)

 I approached Susan for counselling as I was struggling with processing previous relationships and had anxiety about the impact of this on current/future relationships.  Susan was invaluable at creating a non-judgmental space for me to explain my thoughts and feelings and explore these further with me. She was able to understand my whole self and propose invaluable insights that provided opportunities for me to explore several topics that related to my concerns, and showed me how they link. Through the techniques she suggested and the discussion we had, I have been able to understand and manage my anxieties and break patterns I didn’t know existed! Almost every session felt like a eureka moment and all provided valuable reflection opportunity. It really helped me to navigate through some difficult topics and unravel some thoughts/feelings I didn’t know were even there! This has really improved my relationships, including with myself! Susan did all this in a very nurturing, calm and professional way. I am so happy with the progress we made and would wholeheartedly recommend her counselling!

Kathleen  (February 2022)

"I came to therapy knowing that I had low self-esteem but really felt like I was the only person in the world having such a low valuation of themselves. What Susan taught me was that having low self-esteem really is not the end of the world and gave me hope by showing me it really was quite a rational situation that many others have experienced, and it could be overcome. Each session made me motivated, and truly believe that it was possible to change. This was done through simply being treated with kindness and respect, giving me tools and directionality in how to act out my life and treat myself better, and spotting where I was being too harsh on myself. I am very grateful, thank you."

 Thank-you for all your help,

Vincent (Dec 21)

Susan has helped me along my journey of self discovery and healing with a kind and open heart. She held space for me beautifully - sometimes for processing difficult emotions, other times just kindly and gently guiding me and reminding me of my own worth and kindness. She is very intuitive and can often feel and see what I'm needing way before I can! It has been great working with you and I'm sure I will call on you again for support should I need it!

I wish you the best of luck and I hope you go on to help many people as you've helped me.

Thank you Alex (Nov 21)

“I’ve been working with Susan in relation to trauma and eating issues.  Her kindness, patience, and nurturing demeanor have enabled me to feel more positive about myself.  Her steadfastness has shaped my confidence enough to move towards freedom after decades of being in a ‘stuck place.  You can immediately sense her years of experience, quiet strength, and empathy, no matter the situation or subject being discussed. GR(Nov 21)


Facing the impacts of sexual abuse in my childhood, I approached Susan for therapy and help. Over 12 sessions she helped me to understand, reconcile and move closer towards closure. Susan offered a gentle understanding and therapeutic guidance. Highly recommended. Rob (Nov 21)


I have spent the last 8 months speaking with Susan via zoom at various intervals to suit my changing schedule. Susan has been incredibly accommodating with my time and I have found that despite the physical distance between us this process has been completely invaluable. When I began my sessions with Susan my self worth and esteem was very low, I was in a relationship that I had lost confidence in and was suffering with the after shocks of sexual assault. Slowly and gently over time Susan has helped me grow and realize my own worth and power, as a woman I find this to be incredibly empowering and enlightening. At the point in which I write this, I have never felt stronger in my own abilities and body. Susan has been a complete lifeline to me and a grounding force when I felt afloat. I would undoubtedly highly recommend her to anyone. 

Hattie (Oct 2021)


We had a series of sessions with our adult children, and found her approach really helpful, particularly around addiction issues. but also with communication and understanding. 

Susan has a friendly, warm manner, and not at all formal.  She also knew when to challenge and push for change - which is of course why we needed to go for therapy!

Susan’s style helped us all to what we wanted and needed to say, and to bring about the changes that we hoped for. We would have no hesitation in highly recommending Susan as a therapist Ann, Dave and Family (June 2021)

"I worked with Susan during a very stressful breakup of my long-term relationship. She provided a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that I felt comfortable with from the very beginning. She allowed me to express my feelings in a safe environment whilst helping me to un-ravel the years of living in a toxic relationship. She also counselled my teenage daughter as part of the family work and was able to get her to open up about her feelings which she said for her was life-changing, and this, I am really grateful to Susan for. I have since recommended Susan to a number of friends for their children and would highly recommend her as a counsellor and someone who can relate to all ages. Elaine (June 2021)

Susan guided me out of a pretty dark place with empathy and compassion. She helped me build my own set of tools and techniques to combat the anxiety. Through our weekly conversations she helped me learn how to love myself again and live the life I’ve wanted to for what seemed a long time. Since our sessions I use her word of encouragement daily to help me through dips and tough times. It’s an ongoing journey to battle the anxiety, but Susan has made it something that I feel I can take head on. 
I couldn’t have done it without her and would (and have) recommended her with maximum enthusiasm!

Thank you Susan. Francois (June 2021)

Susan is a wonderful counsellor who helped me through a difficult and stressful time, encouraging me to find deeper appreciation for myself as well as giving me brilliant techniques and tools to combat the anxiety I was experiencing. I found weekly sessions with Susan to be nurturing, eye opening and overall very positive experience. Susan helped me to dispute the negative feelings I had about myself and rebuild my self esteem, as well as helping me to have a better relationship with my school work and overall to have greater belief in my abilities. Thanks to Susan I feel as though I take better care of myself, as well as feeling optimistic and excited for my future, thank you Susan. Hannah (March 2021)


It was my Son who initially contacted Susan as I was struggling to get through each day both Mentally and Physically, it’s something I will be eternally grateful for , when I first met her she listened to my story she was warm , understanding, and professional therefore I felt confident to talk about issues that had bothered me for many years , on each session Susan made me feel valued then I started to believe in myself again , I always found her easy to talk to , she is genuine and encouraging and helped me to move forward with my Life , I have already recommended her to another person . R G (March 2021)

You've helped me enormously in working through the difficulties I was having with anxiety and anger. By careful listening, and skillful questioning you quickly helped identify the areas where I was getting "stuck", and have given me strategies for dealing with that when it happens. You've helped me to achieve a shift of perspective which has transformed my approach to the things that were troubling me and sabotaging my sleep, and given me an acceptance that to look after myself is both a kind and a responsible thing to do. I especially appreciate your introducing me to mindfulness meditation, which is proving profoundly useful. Thank you for your kindness, your empathy and your warmth. This was my first experience of counselling, and you made it easy and productive. The sense of ease and freedom I feel now, for the first time in many years, comes from realizing that somehow, through this process, I've left some unhealthy overthinking behind, and (equally important) that I'm far better equipped to care for myself in the present and resolve any similar difficulties in the future. Lynn ( December 2020)

At the end of 2017 I literally stumbled and fell. Broken and unsure how to repair years of damage I reached out and found Susan. My profession is extremely precarious for an alcoholic and the environment and people which surround me makes my recovery journey atypical to say the least. Susan took on this challenge as I suspect she takes on all challenges....with a professional but compassionate calmness. I found her to be a fantastic guide on a painful journey. Her gentle but powerful influence has had a profound and lasting effect and I have just passed 1000 days sober.

I am lucky to have a loving and supportive family but it is fair to say that without Susan I probably would have lost everything. The process was extremely difficult but going through it with Susan as an anchor and a constant made it possible. As a testimony to her ability as an addiction counsellor I cannot speak highly enough. The fact I am sober and a publican and now the best version of me I have ever been is all I can offer. May this be enough to persuade anyone who is in doubt to try and take that first terrifying step on the road to recovery with Susan as your guide you stand more than a fair chance!! If I can do it anyone can. Miranda (September 2020)

I spent over a year working with Susan and found her personable and easy to get along with. When I first worked with her, I was needing support as I was reducing my long-term medication for OCD and anxiety. (with my GP support)

Susan was able to help me rationalize often complicated thoughts /emotions and help me reach a better understanding of the 'mechanics' of the disorder. Thanks to her, I now find it easier to stay in a healthier, more stable place.

Jerry (December 2019)

If you had told me at the start of our first session what a positive impact you would have had on me, I wouldn't have believed you!  However, you have accompanied me on a journey that was much more complex, challenging and rewarding than I was expecting.  Crucially, I find myself in a better place psychologically, emotionally and physically than I ever expected to be, and this is due to the way you have guided me, with unfailing wisdom, empathy, good humour and good will.

Having been very daunted about seeking counselling, I count myself very fortunate to have found you and benefitted from your skill and experience.  I sincerely hope that others will have a similar opportunity and would therefore be very happy for you to use this as a testimonial to encourage anyone who is unsure about whether counselling will be of benefit to them.

With very best wishes and many thanks. 

David - (June 2019)

I saw Susan for weekly sessions for the best part of a year, and I can honestly say it changed my life. It’s quite amazing to look back to where I was a year ago and think about how far I have come emotionally. Susan has helped me with confidence and self- esteem issues, as well as supporting me through trauma, and was my guide during a very difficult time. She helped me see the world through a different lens, and has given me so many tools, that I continue to practice every day. I cannot recommend Susan highly enough! She helped me to be excited about life when I didn’t think it was possible, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Molly - (April 2019)

My life before I met Susan was a front, suppressed emotions, painted smile, all pushed so deep in my mind I was not allowed to feel or express them.

I was drinking myself into an early grave, with shame and embarrassment in the fore front of my mind. I began to isolate myself from friends and family which lead to me shut in my room so one could see the effects of addiction and depression.

But with the help of my mum who supported me through everything I decided I was worth spending my benefits on help rather than drink. Through our weekly meetings where Susan allowed me to be myself without judgement, I was able to get an understanding of the reason why this was happening, and with her support and knowledge I have been referred to Rehab. This would not have happened without her, so I only have to say she was my guidance through this difficult time and without her help I would still be in that dark room.

Trust me when I say if you need help to change then please seek help. You are worth it!!! 

You could be where I am today...getting the help I so need.

Thankyou from the bottom of my heart Susan. You are one in a million.

Lisa M - (April 2019)

Susan was a brilliant counsellor. She really spent the time getting to know me for who I am and worked with various techniques to help me work through the issues I was dealing with at the time. I can definitely say although it was not an easy journey I came out the other side a healthier and happy human being and more aware of the inner work I needed to do.. 
(Male - December 2018) (anonymous)

From the very first session with Susan she made me feel so comfortable and at ease, above all else I felt Susan had genuine concern for me and wanted to create a genuine connection. Working with Susan has provided me with much needed clarity and guidance. It is not an exaggeration to say that Susan has provided me with fundamental tools that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Lauren - (May 2018)

It was not easy when I first started counselling, but I soon felt at ease with Susan. She gave me the impression she really cared about my recovery and wanted to help. It was one thing she said that stuck in my mind and I will never forget it. I have now been sober for many years am working full time and have a life. Reg W.

Susan gave me the chance to explore what I needed. She offered a safe space to do this and I will always be grateful for that. Celia H.

Susan was there for me when I needed an ear, someone to listen to everything I had gone through and to not judge me. She stood by me and was there every step of the way. I did not want to rush and never felt rushed we went at my pace. My life is different now and I am so glad I had the opportunity to have counselling. Sharon B.

I felt as though I could talk to Susan about anything. She has such a gentle nature and I always felt supported. She is quietly spoken but a strong woman and you can feel that when you are around her. She has a presence a gentle calm presence with a quiet strength. We worked together for a few years and I always found her knowledgeable and kind. Claire B.

I always felt safe and held in the counselling space. She listened with her eyes and this was felt. I felt she understood everything I had gone through and could identify with my situation. She did not say this, but I felt it. I went through a difficult time during counselling because what I talked about was painful and hard, but I always felt safe and never felt judged. Susan is kind, warm and open. She is the best counsellor I ever had. M B.

Susan is one of the hardest working, dedicated and passionate women I have ever met. She cares deeply for the poor, vulnerable and marginalized in society. She is a skilled and experienced counsellor and manager. Susan has an in depth understanding of women and women’s issues. She pours love, care and skill into all she does and all she offers. 
Gill Nowland MBE  (One25 CEO from 2010 - 2016)